I was too busy to update on the meeting between a PR agency boss and a CEO of a corridor.  Because the meeting happened in the midst of raya fever and open houses. Too many gossips to write…

OK. In my earlier posting, I did mention about a PR company’s plan to dump a statutory body or a government client. And I mentioned the CEO suppose to meet the PR agency’s  boss. Ok here is what happened.

The CEO claimed that the PR agency NR or news release quality is going down. However, the PR agency claimed it is because those news  release is edited by the managers and corporate communication general manager of the corridor. The manager and general manager are new.

The corridor’s manager and general manager usually rewrite the news release  prepared by the PR agency till it looks like a brochure. But the CEO still believes that the PR agency should work better with his team. The PR agency then said they did not want to waste  the statutory body’s money and the decided to end their service.

So, the PR agency is no longer with the statutory body after October 10. There is a joke going on seing that after the October 10 the statutory body will hire Apco. But can the statutory body afford it? The statutory body based in KLCC has a lot of  empowerment event in certain states outside KL. And they always asked the PR agency to just send one person for such event to control the allowance claim. The statutory body wants the PR agency to send one PR c0nsultant to each of its event in various states.

I just want to wait and see what will happen to the statutory body when the PR agency no longer with them. The Corporate Communications Division Manager has been telling the CEO that it is her who made all the headlines, front pages, features and news about the organisation and not the PR agency….