Its already 2014 now and I feel so blessed.

In 2011 I left a  workplace which I have worked there for nine years. I left because I was no longer happy and I followed my heart.

I did worked at a place after that but I was not happy. Then I was unemployed for few months and it made me regret for leaving the first workplace. I even considered suicide that time.

However in 2012 I got the job where I am now and until today I am so happy. I am going to be two years here.

I just cant believe I survived my unemployed moments between jobs. And today I almost finished the credit card debts which I have  faced resulting from  the unemployment period.

I am grateful, blessed and happy. And following my heart to quit job, being in a new unhappy  office , regret, being unemployed, look for job again and suddenly realise that you are happy now makes my life so meaningful.

All the experience gave me confidence and make me strong….I am proud of what I went through…I tried to look for happiness and after a rough road I found what I look for..